Call for Papers

Submission Overview

Authors are strongly encouraged to register by the abstract deadline as presentations will not be placed on the final program until the presenting author is registered. Authors who submit their abstract prior to registering should use the information received in the confirmation e-mail to match their registration with their abstract.

Abstract Submission Deadline

The abstract submission deadline is midnight (23:59 Pacific Standard Time) on 1 May 2018. These guidelines and procedures must be followed exactly. If not, your paper will not be accepted.

Previewing Abstracts

When you submit your abstract, you will receive a confirmation and will be given a login and password for making necessary corrections. Please check your abstract for errors after you submit.

Author Notification

The author who submits the abstract will receive electronic confirmation when the abstract and registration are received and this person will receive confirmation in this same manner when the abstract is accepted and assigned. Accepted abstracts will be posted on the website after the scientific program schedule has been determined. If confirmation and notification by electronic means are not possible, please indicate an alternate method of notification when you submit your abstract.

Session Topic Codes

Selection of session topic is designed to facilitate assignment of your abstract to members of the Scientific Program Committee for review. Meeting sessions may not match exactly this list of topics. The Scientific Program Committee will make every attempt to group your presentation with those of similar topic. Priority is given to the overall scientific program and, therefore, final placement is solely at the discretion of the organizing committee.

Contributed Sessions

  • C01: Taxonomy and systematics
  • C02: Ecology
  • C03: Evolution
  • C04: Physiology
  • C05: Cell biology
  • C06: Molecular Biology
  • C07: Biology of Anaerobic protists
  • C08: Biogeography
  • C09: Parasitology
  • C10: Symbiosis
  • C11: Applied phycology and aquaculture
  • C12: Harmful Algal Blooms
  • C13: Genomics
  • C14: Bold/Lewin Award Participant - Students who want to be eligible for the best oral (Bold) or poster (Lewin) presentation.
  • S01: Invited speakers

Important Notes

  • Abstracts will not be accepted by mail, fax, or e-mail.
  • It may be necessary to accept for poster presentation some abstracts submitted for oral presentation.
  • The submission deadline of midnight (23:59 US, PST) 1 May 2018, will be strictly adhered to.
  • Contact the conference management office by phone at 254-776-3550 or via e-mail at prior to the deadline if you have technical problems submitting your abstract.