Abstract Submission & Registration

Registering for the meeting and paying the abstract fee are requirements for abstract submission. To register and then submit your abstract, please read registration policies, the abstract overview and abstract specifications before proceeding to registration. Submission of abstracts and registration online are preferable; if you wish to register and/or submit your abstract via mail, please contact Lynda West at lyndaw@sgmeet.com.

U.S. Federal government employees who cannot commit to attending the meeting prior to acceptance of the abstract may waive registration at the time of abstract submission and register later. However, payment of the abstract fee is still required at the time of abstract submission. If you are a government employee and will not be able to register at the time of abstract submission, please contact Lynda West at lyndaw@sgmeet.com to receive instructions. Please make sure you contact her well in advance so that you are able to complete submission by the deadline.

Submission of Second Abstracts

There are ONLY two cases in which submission of a second abstract is permitted:

  1. Any presenting author who has submitted an abstract to a scientific session may submit a SECOND abstract to one of the designated education and policy sessions (Category M).  A second abstract submission fee is required, but a second registration fee is not.
  2. Anyone selected to present a tutorial, may submit a SECOND abstract to a scientific or education or policy session.  Abstract submission fees will be required for both the regular and tutorial abstracts, but a second registration fee is not required.

Abstract submission is open only to U.S. government employees and those who were directly affected by the recent U.S. government shutdown and could not submit their abstract and pay the associated fee by the October 4, 2013 deadline.