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New Member Application

To join ISRS please complete the application form shown below. You will be asked to select which category of membership you require. There are four categories of membership as described below.

Your membership dues will also depend on several factors, including in particular whether or not you would like a hard copy of the society's academic journal CORAL REEFS and your primary country of residence (see further explanation below). The normal rates for different categories of membership are as shown in the table on the main Membership page.

In addition two or three forms of discounted membership are currently available as follows:

  1. Members willing to pay for three (3) years of membership in advance are eligible for a 10% discount on the relevant rate.
  2. Members who first joined between July 2015 and June 2016, likely in order to attend the International Coral reef Symposium (ICRS13) held in Honolulu, Hawaii, in June 2016, if they renew their membership, may claim a one-off 20% discount on whatever would otherwise be their normal membership rate. (The 10% discount described above may be added to this if a new member opts to renew for three 3 years.)
  3. In addition ISRS Council has agreed that students or recent students who are not yet in two-thirds to full-time employment, may claim or continue to pay at student membership rates for a maximum of ten years. To claim this benefit indicate that you wish to pay as a student member.

Membership Types

There are four main categories of membership are as follows:

  • Full / Individual Membership
    Full membership provides access to all the benefits listed on the main Membership page, but the cost depends on whether you would like a hard copy of CORAL REEFS ($80 - $120 per year) or are happy to access current and past issues on-line ($40 - $80 per year).
  • Student Membership
    The benefits are the same as for Full / Standard Individual Members, and include hard copy or on-line access to Coral Reefs, but the costs are greatly reduced ($70 - $100 per year with hard copy journal, $20 - $40 with on-line journal access only). To qualify for student membership you must at the time of paying your annual subscription be registered as a full-time or part-time student with a school, college or university.
  • Family Membership
    A reduced rate family membership (of $25 a year) is available to the second or further members of a family who live at the same address as a member who has already paid for a full or sustaining membership. Each family member receives the standard benefits of membership, but only a single hard copy of any journal is supplied.
  • Sustaining Membership
    Sustaining Membership is for those members who would like to contribute extra ($120 - $ $200 per year) to support the work of the Society. They receive additional minor benefits and their support is acknowledged in Society publications.

Primary Country of Residence

As indicated above, the subscription rate for a member depends on the member’s Primary Country of Residence, and whether that country’s economy is classified by the World Bank as a High Income Economy, Upper-Middle Income Economy, or Lower-Middle or Low Income Economy. Note that it is the mean income level of the country, not of the individual member, that is relevant. This system is used by several international learned societies, both for fairness and to encourage membership in developing nations, which is where the majority of coral reefs are located. A list showing which countries fall into which category is shown on the main Membership page. This list is updated on an annual basis.

By Primary Country of residence we mean the home country of the member, normally corresponding to their principal nationality. Thus, for example, a student from the Philippines studying in the USA would count the Philippines as their primary country of residence, while a scientist from the USA working in the Philippines would count the USA as their primary country of residence.  However a person from the Philippines who has immigrated into the USA should count the USA as their new country of primary residence. In any case where there is genuine doubt or apparent unfairness, members or prospective members should contact membership services or the corresponding secretary Dr. Rupert Ormond.

Membership Year

Please note that ISRS membership applications received before September 1st in a given year will be treated as for the current year. Those membership applications received on or after September 1st will be applied to the following year, unless otherwise requested. Existing members should renew their membership by April 30th each year in order to continue receiving membership benefits without a break.

Membership Form

On-line membership application requires a credit card for processing and payment. If you prefer to handle your membership application via postal mail you may download the appropriate forms or call membership services at 254-776-3550, Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm Central Time.

Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

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Sea level change
Climate change
Carbonate chemistry
Isotopes and proxies
Physical or chemical modelling
Fossil reefs
Evolution of reef organisms
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Water quality and pollution
Cell biology of reef organisms
Physiology of reef organisms
Larval biology and ecology
Algae and marine plants
Population dynamics
Ecological modelling
Ecological assemblages
Trophic ecology and energetics
Biodiversity assessment
Fisheries management
Community management
Human ecology
Marine protected area management
Economics and trade
Environmental policy
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New! Three-year membership (10% discount)

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ISRS Newsletter

All individual members receive the ISRS Newsletter. Please check below if you would like to help ISRS save printing and postage costs by receiving the Newsletter electronically.

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Review Pressing the "Review Membership Information" button below will submit your information, including dues amount, optional fees, and total amount to be paid, for your review. Your credit card will not be charged until you have had a chance to review and/or correct your information.

If you have any questions, contact ISRS Member Services:

ISRS Member Services
1105 Wooded Acres Dr, Suite 260
Waco, Texas 76710-4446
Phone: 254-776-3550

E-Mail: isrs@sgmeet.com

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