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The AGU Sverdrup Award Lecture - Dissolved Organic Matter in the Ocean Carbon Cycle

Twenty-five years ago, dissolved organic matter (DOM) held modest interest to the ocean science community; the few measurements reported suggested a huge yet relatively quiescent pool. As the ocean carbon cycle emerged as a major uncertainty though, and our ignorance of DOM was highlighted, biogeochemical considerations of the pool gained a momentum that continues today. Misdirections were common at that restart as our understanding of DOM's dynamics was flawed, costing several years and great investment to overcome. This presentation tells the story of complacency, false starts, determination and compelling advances in this burgeoning discipline.

The Harald Ulrik Sverdrup Lecture honors the life and work of geophysicist, Harald Sverdrup. The Sverdrup Lecturer is selected for exemplifying Harald Sverdrup’s work with outstanding contributions to the basic science of the atmosphere and the oceans and/or unselfish service promoting cooperation in atmospheric and oceanographic research.

We congratulate this year’s winner:

Dennis A. Hansell, RSMAS, University of Miami, USA

Dr. Hansell is professor in the Division of Marine & Atmospheric Chemistry at the UM Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science. He served as chairman of the United States Carbon Cycle Scientific Steering Group from 2010 through 2013. Widely published and cited, Dr. Hansell’s research interests are in the biogeochemistry of marine carbon and the major nutrients, with a particular focus on the role of marine dissolved organic matter in elemental cycling. He investigates biogeochemical processes in the open ocean and polar seas, using observational approaches such as process studies, time-series, and hydrographic surveys. Dr. Hansell’s lecture will focus on progress in scientific understanding of the dynamics of organic material dissolved in the ocean, one of Earth’s major reservoirs of carbon.


Hansell, D. A., University of Miami, USA


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Session #:176
Date: 2/26/2014
Time: 10:30
Location: 310 Theater

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