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This study provides the first global overview of the Southern Ocean Subtropical Front (STF) and the dynamical features in its vicinity, using satellite sea surface temperature (SST), sea surface height (SSH) and Argo data. The only strong currents at the STF are on the western sides of basins. These correspond to the detached western boundary currents which are the southern boundary of the subtropical gyre circulations, not the super gyre. The currents do not follow the STF surface water mass boundary. Instead they track south-eastwards and merge with the Sub-Antarctic Front. We provide a new climatology for these currents and name it the Dynamical STF (DSTF). The DSTF has no seasonal cycle. On the eastern side of basins a separate region of enhanced SST gradients exists at the STF which we name the Subtropical Frontal Zone (STFZ). Unlike the DSTF, the STFZ is shallow, has no transport associated with it, no strong SSH gradients and a large seasonal cycle. Thus, while the DSTF and STFZ both sit at the STF surface water mass boundary they are actually completely unrelated features.



Graham, R. M., Stockholm University, Sweden,

De Boer, A. M., Stockholm University, Sweden,


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Date: 2/25/2014
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