Call for Tutorials

Well-crafted tutorials are a desirable aspect of highly interdisciplinary science meetings; they provide an opportunity to learn about the central questions, results and methods on topics outside of one’s area of expertise, and can be a vehicle for students and early-career attendees to get quickly up-to-speed on some of the topics and collaborations they might undertake in the future.

Tutorials, for example, might be on broadly-interesting late-breaking results, on unanswered questions within an emerging field, on new technologies or methodologies available to ocean scientists, or areas of ocean application or policy that  provide an improved research foundation. What makes a talk a tutorial rather than a research presentation is that it reaches outside the specific work of an individual or group, and tries to reach a broad audience of non-specialists with material that gives an overview with new insights and opportunities to the listeners. It is intended to inform those outside the subject area being described.

Call for Abstracts for Tutorial Sessions

The meeting planning committee is seeking up to twenty tutorial (oral) presentations, to be selected by the committee from abstracts specifically submitted for this purpose. Submission of a tutorial abstract does not guarantee its selection.

Tutorial abstract submissions are due October 4, 2013. 

  • You may submit a tutorial abstract in addition to any other abstract submission you might make.
  • There will four tutorial presentations in a 2-hour session. Each presentation will have 30 minutes including Q&A and speaker changeover; 25 minutes is suggested as the maximum presentation length.
  • Tutorial sessions will be scheduled one-per-day in parallel with the other oral sessions; they are not plenary sessions. The scheduling will attempt to avoid conflicts between tutorials and sessions to which they might relate, and to have the tutorials before any related sessions, but we cannot assure this in advance.
  • Tutorials will be selected from abstracts submitted. There is no certainty that an abstract will be selected, or selected for a specific tutorial session. The selections will be made to ensure broad coverage of multiple areas and topics.
  • Abstracts should include an informative but short title and short description of the tutorial. (The same word limit applies as for regular abstracts). They should identify the speaker and any co-authors. All tutorial speakers must be members of AGU, ASLO, or TOS.
  • We strongly encourage tutorial speakers to post presentation materials for their tutorials on the conference website and will make a provision for the posting. ¬†

Guidelines for submission of tutorial abstracts:

  • Abstracts must be submitted by October 4, 2013 (any time of the day, wherever you are).¬† Members whose tutorials are accepted will be notified by December 15, 2013. The final set of tutorial talks will be determined by the planning committee and will be announced on the conference webpage.
  • The abstract submission template on the conference website must be followed.

General information about tutorial sessions:

Tutorial sessions will be oral-only. There will be no formal “invited” tutorial presentations. However, conveners may encourage tutorial abstract submissions related to their session but all tutorial presentations will be clustered into their own sessions, and will not be part of the convener’s session.

Tutorial sessions will contain four 30-minute time slots; suggested 25 minute presentation with time for questions and for changeover of the speakers. All presenters must submit an abstract, register and pay the appropriate fees. Posting of the tutorials on the conference website is encouraged.