Program and Agenda

Session Information

General Information about Sessions

Chairs of successful sessions must coordinate evaluation of student presentations for their session (both oral and poster). 

A session may contain only poster presentations or a combination of oral and poster presentations.

There will be no “invited” talks except the plenary talks and award talks. However, conveners may solicit abstract submissions to their session, but without the solicited presentations receiving additional time (oral) or space (poster) nor being so-designated in the program.

Session conveners should avoid promising oral slots to potential presenters; once a session is organized with a specific set of presentations, those designated for poster and oral presentations will be determined the Scientific Planning Committee.

There will be a limited number of 30-minute oral tutorials organized in designated tutorial sessions.  These will be solicited with the call for abstracts. Session conveners may suggest presenters for tutorials that might be relevant to their sessions; but the tutorials will be scheduled and presented in the separate tutorial sessions.

Tutorial Sessions

In response to continued interest in having tutorial talks and to comments in post-meeting evaluations, tutorial talks will be highlighted. For this meeting, talks will be grouped in separate tutorial sessions and should be designed to have a broad appeal to participants outside the field of the talk to learn or get an update about new and emerging ocean topics. Each tutorial session (no more than one a day) will be scheduled as one of the concurrent oral sessions. Tutorial sessions will contain four 30-minute time slots; suggested 25 minute presentation with time for questions and for changeover of speakers.

For more information on tutorials, please visit

If you have questions about the scientific program, please contact the meeting co-chairs:

Jonathan Sharp (ASLO)

Mel Briscoe (TOS)

Eric Itsweire (AGU)

For practical and logistical information, contact the conference manager:

Helen Schneider Lemay
(254) 776-3550 - Phone
(254) 776-3767 – Fax