Information for Presenters

Poster Guidelines

There will be four posters per board (two per side), therefore posters must be no larger than 44. 5 inches high x 45.5 inches wide. If your poster exceeds these specifications, it may be subject to removal. Posters will adhere to the boards using push pins that will be provided.

Posters will be displayed in specific session groupings for the entire meeting to maximize opportunities for viewing. Specific times for interactions with the presenters will be assigned at times not in conflict with oral presentations.

Posters will be assigned a number that will be consecutive to placement on poster boards in the poster hall at the Hawaii Convention Center. This number will be available to you in early January along with instructions for preparing your poster.

Posters can go up on Sunday and stay up until Friday. All posters will be on display while the Exhibit Hall is open. Afternoons on Monday through Thursday from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. (16:00 to 18:00) are the exclusive poster sessions – no other activities are officially permitted to occur at these poster session times. Refreshments and snacks will be available during the poster sessions.

Each poster presenter will be scheduled to stand for one hour by his/her poster to be available for questions and discussion by participants. (*) Your poster number will determine whether you present during the first hour or the second hour of the poster session. Past experience has shown that this at-poster interaction time is a highly valued way to describe one’s work and to meet face-to-face with those interested in it. Of course, a presenter can also discuss his/her poster with interested individuals whenever the exhibit hall is open.

There are about 3500 posters out of 5000+ submitted abstracts, so we are making every effort to arrange them in groups that are easy to locate and will minimize congestion during the scheduled presentation time.  Since it will not be possible to see all the posters, we are doing three things to help meeting participants get the most from the poster sessions:

  • Each poster’s abstract will be in the meeting program and app.
  • Posters will be physically arranged topically, associated with the scientific sessions to which they are attached.
  • We have partnered with Technology Networks Ltd and their site ePosters (“The Online Journal of Scientific Posters”) to allow display of the OSM posters on-line and allow legacy display after the meeting.
  • To make your poster an ePoster, please see the ePoster Information and Submission page.

Look at posters on your way to the meeting! Look at posters from your hotel room! Look at posters even if you can’t attend the meeting! Some details are below.

As far as preparation guidelines, following are some very general suggestions for posters:

  • Minimize text - use images and graphs instead.
  • Keep text elements to 50 words or fewer.
  • Use phrases rather than full sentences.
  • Use an active voice.
  • Avoid jargon (depends somewhat on audience).
  • Left-justify text; avoid centering and right-justifying text.
  • Use a serif font (e.g., Times) for most text - easier to read.
  • Sans-serif font (e.g., Helvetica) OK for titles and headings
  • Text should be at least 24 point in text, 36 for headings.
  • Pay attention to text size in figures - it must also be large.
  • Title should be at least 5cm tall.
  • Use a light color background and dark color letters for contrast.
  • Avoid dark backgrounds with light letters - very tiring to read.
  • Stick to a theme of 2 or 3 colors - much more will overload and confuse viewers.
  • If you use multiple colors, use them in a consistent pattern - otherwise viewers will spend their time wondering what the pattern is rather than reading your poster.
  • Overly bright colors will attract attention - and then wear out readers' eyes.
  • Consider people who have problems differentiating colors, especially when designing graphics - one of the most common is an inability to tell green from red.

A Guide to Finding Posters in the Poster Hall

In keeping with recent Ocean Sciences meetings, we have made every effort to make the posters accessible and an ideal forum for presenting research results. The posters and exhibitor’s booths are available on Monday through Thursday in the exhibit hall. On the Exhbit Hall Map, the 16 clusters (categories) of sessions are indicated with the large letters A-P and the poster boards are indicated as lines with hatch marks through them to indicate individual boards with two poster spaces each on the front and back. Between the poster boards in A, P, F on one side and J, G, I, E on the other are the exhibitors’ booths shown as groups of squares.

The poster boards have been placed in the hall with posters on both sides.  On the map, the posters are numbered starting in the upper left hand side of the hall.  The boards are numbered starting with 1, going down the front side of the boards to 40 at the bottom of the front of that column.  Then from bottom to top on the back side (numbers 41-80); the second column of poster boards starts with number 81 at the top on the front.  This continues up and down the poster boards to the last one on the back side of the board in the upper right side of the hall (3262).

Also, the 16 categories of sessions are listed on web page under Program and Agenda/Session List. They are used to organize the poster and oral sessions.  In the Exhibit Hall, the categories are grouped (shown on the map) with signs hanging from the ceiling.  In the program, you can find the category and all of the posters within the sessions in that category.

To minimize congestion, sessions within each cluster (category) are spread out for presentation over the four days and within each session, posters will be presented in one-hour time slots on the day for presentation.  Each poster has a number and from 16:00 (4 PM) – 17:00, the even number posters will be presented and from 17:00 – 18:00, the odd number posters will be presented. It is possible to view and discuss posters after the formal two-hour presentation periods and at any other time that the Exhibit Hall is open during those four days (Mon, Wed 10:00 – 19:00; Tues, Thurs 12:00-19:00).

To make it easier to find specific posters in the exhibition hall, a map is included in the printed program (and pdf of the program) on the inside last page (page 213) that gives locations of the 16 categories (clusters) of sessions and numbers of individual posters. On page 9-10 of the program is "A Guide to Finding Posters". Use both the map and the description for easy navigation of the exhibit hall to find the posters that you want to see.

Poster Printing

Island Printing & Mail Solutions

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