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Mentoring Programs

Registration for mentoring programs at the 2014 Ocean Sciences Meeting is now available for prospective mentors and mentees. These opportunities are designed to help novice conference attendees (generally students or early career scientists) get the most value out of their experience at the Ocean Sciences Meeting. Participants from all societies and organizations are encouraged to participate. Mentees will be grouped with experienced scientists (mentors) who will provide guidance on navigating the meeting and introduce them to other scientists.

Please note – Registration is required whether or not you indicated an interest in participating in the Mentoring Programs during the initial conference registration process. Prospective mentors and mentees MUST complete this second registration step in order to be matched with the appropriate mentoring group. Register at the following website: by January 13, 2014.

There are two specific opportunities within the overall mentoring program:

OSM Meeting Mentoring Program

The OSM Meeting Mentoring Program (MMP) builds on a successful first effort at the February 2013 Aquatic Sciences Meeting. Mentors will be matched with two to three mentees based on level of education/career and area of research interest. Opportunities for mentors and mentees to meet early in the conference week have been planned, and goals and suggested activities are detailed on the registration website. Note: More mentors are needed to keep the ratio of mentors to mentees reasonable! Almost 700 student and early career OSM registrants have indicated an interest in being mentored at the meeting. Please encourage your colleagues to participate!

ASLO Multicultural Program (ASLOMP)

All OSM registrants who hold a PhD (newly minted or seasoned scientists) are invited to sign up as mentors for ASLOMP (mentees have already been selected). This program requires a more significant time commitment than the general mentoring program (MMP) but has been instrumental in fostering the next generation of underrepresented students. Since its inception in 1990, ASLOMP has brought over 850 undergraduate and graduate students to ASLO and Ocean Sciences Meetings. The ASLOMP meeting mentors first meet their charges at 3:30 PM on Sunday, Feb. 23 (mentors will need to arrange their travel schedule accordingly). At that time the mentors will help their students plan sessions to attend during the Ocean Sciences Meeting. Mentors are very much needed, as there are 91 students in the program this year. Mentors are expected to spend some time each day with their students, primarily attending some sessions together. To volunteer as an ASLOMP mentor please register at the following website:  by January 13, 2014, and e-mail a short CV to Ben Cuker (BENJAMIN.CUKER@HAMPTONU.EDU).

If you have questions about participating in either of the Mentoring Programs, please contact Jenny Ramarui at or 1-301-251-7708. Participants will be notified of the event schedule (i.e., mentoring breakfast) in late January 2014.

Mentor/Mentee Breakfast

Monday, February 24th

This will be an opportunity for Mentoring Program participants to spend a few minutes getting acquainted and planning activities for the week while enjoying a relaxed meal. This event will be held in the Honolulu Convention Center before oral presentations begin.