Information for Presenters

ePosters: Information and Submission

There are over 3000 posters at OSM 2014, and they are a terrific way to expose one’s work.

Physical posters at the meeting will go up as early as Sunday, Feb 23, and can stay up until Friday, Feb 28. All posters will be on view, simultaneously, while the exhibit hall is open; this is about 36 hours, with a third of that time scheduled as poster-only time to ensure time for interactions. However, with so many posters, even if one used all 36 hours to look at posters, no one will be able to see all the posters. To help participants, we are doing three things:

  1. Each poster’s abstract will be in the meeting program and app.
  2. Posters will be physically arranged topically, associated with the scientific sessions to which they are attached.
  3. We have partnered with Technology Networks Ltd and their site ePosters (“The Online Journal of Scientific Posters”) to allow display of the OSM posters on-line and allow legacy display after the meeting.

Look at posters on your way to the meeting! Look at posters from your hotel room! Look at posters even if you can’t attend the meeting! Some details are below.

Technology Networks and Ocean Sciences Meeting Partnership

Those 2014 OSM participants who are making poster presentations are encouraged to go to ePosters and submit their poster for display at that site; there is no charge for this.

Instructions for Submission

  1. Go to ePosters, Register, and submit your poster.
    • Answer YES to the question, “Is this poster part of a conference or sponsorship?” and choose “Ocean Sciences Meeting 2014.”
    • Choose your Release Date (now?), also your and End Date (if you wish to have one; you can change this later)
    • Upload the poster (must be a pdf, <50MB).
    • Choosing categories: our four targets are “Geosciences,” and the three that start with “Ocean”
    • You may provide a short summary (500 characters max), but you must provide a full abstract. You can use the same abstract as the one you submitted to the OSM, or an updated one if you prefer.
    • Review, Accept, and Submit
    • After submission, click on the "View PDF" button on the Submission Complete page. Your uploaded PDF will then load into a new window. Copy the URL to get the link for your electronic poster.
  2. Log onto the OSM 2014 web site at:
    Your user name and your password were sent to you in your OSM abstract confirmation email.
    • Choose “Edit My Abstract”
    • Paste your ePoster link into the ePoster field.
      (If you have already specified a web address for more information about your presentation, please copy and paste it to the end of your abstract text field before adding your ePoster link.)
    • Click the “review” button at the bottom of the page and then choose “Submit My Abstract Information” on the review page.

Thank you! Your ePoster will now display with your abstract on both the web site and in the conference app.

Frequently-Asked Questions

  • Submissions to ePosters can be made until March 15, 2014, to allow those who wish to do so some extra time to get home and do it post-meeting.
  • If your poster is in Word or PowerPoint or anything other than a pdf, you will need to convert it prior to submission.
  • Links to the ePosters submissions will be in the meeting app, so one can read the abstract, view the poster, look at the exhibit hall map to find the poster, and put it on your personal calendar, all from the app.
  • The default posting time on ePosters will be indefinite. As the submitter, however, you can make that time shorter, or remove your poster at any time.
  • Copyright to posters on ePosters remains with the submitter.