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Costa-Pierce, B. A., University of Rhode Island , Narragansett, USA, bcp@gso.uri.edu
McCann, J. ., Uhniversity of Rhode Island, Narragansett, USA, mccann@gso.uri.edu


There is a need to conserve ocean ecosystems and use ocean space, requiring planning for multiple uses of compatible activities and development of strategies to promote, enhance, and optimize these uses. The Rhode Island Ocean Special Area Management Planning (OSAMP) process is an ecosystem-based planning framework with unique policy drivers. The OSAMP also informs implementation actions for future multiple uses of ocean space. The OSAMP reviewed possible future uses and conservation issues for Block Island and Rhode Island Sounds: mining, offshore LNG, short sea shipping, marine conservation, artificial reefs, aquaculture development, expansion of ecotourism and underwater cemeteries, and use as a research/education area. Principles and practices of ecological engineering, industrial ecology, life cycle assessments and material flow accounting, as well as social ecology and ecological economics will be important to the design, implementation, and evaluation of compatible, multiple uses of ocean space. There will also be a rapid turnover of ideas on the future uses of ocean space; thus, a participatory framework for the engagement of stakeholders must continue as new uses are explored so that all information can be shared systematically.


Poster presentation

Session #:131
Date: 2/22/2012
Time: 17:00 - 18:00
Location: Poster/Exhibit Hall

Presentation is given by student: No

PosterID: B1065