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15. Miscellaneous

063: Ocean Exploration: Schedule

Organizers: Nicolas Alvarado, NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration & Research, nicolas.alvarado@noaa.gov; Reginald Beach, NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration & Research, Reginald.Beach@noaa.gov

With 95% of the ocean unknown or little known, ocean exploration is an emerging (or re-emerging) discipline in oceanography that is interdisciplinary and global in scope. Data and observations resulting from ocean exploration activities often result in new discoveries, new insight, new knowledge and new frontiers and can lead to the revision of existing paradigms or the formulation of new paradigms in the oceans poorly known and unknown regions. This session will highlight the technology, science and expeditions that explore ocean, coastal and Great Lakes environments. Results can be from any branch of marine science or technology and may include serendipitous observations from any platform,including, but not limited to, unmanned systems,animal-borne-sensors, moorings, fixed platforms,research cruises, remote sensing or designated exploration activities. (13, 15)

138: Networked Posters - A Means to Bring Interactivity to the Poster Session (Posters Only): Schedule

Organizers: Mark R. Abbott, Oregon State University, mark@coas.oregonstate.edu; Dan Fay, Microsoft Research, Dan.Fay@microsoft.com

New technology, including networking, visualization, and computing, is driving new models of publishing. Although we tend to think only of new displays and new gadgets, with near-ubiquitous access to cloud-based resources, the scientific poster no longer needs to be a static display or confined to simple interactive choices by the viewer. Instead, we can think of a networked poster that receives real-time input from observing systems, data bases, and models to produce a dynamic window into an ocean research question. This session solicits posters on any topic in ocean sciences that can demonstrate the value of real-time, networked connectivity to enable deeper scientific insight by the audience. High-capacity Internet connectivity as well as use of 42” plasma displays will be provided through the support of Microsoft Research. A limited number of submissions will be accepted due to presentation space constraints. (10, 15)