Program and Agenda

Field Trips

On Sunday May 18, a variety of field trips are planned. These trips focus on aquatic resources in the Portland area and are led by local researchers.

Full day trips:

SOLD OUT Columbia River Gorge Exploration, led by Dale A. McCullough, Seth White, and Blaine Parker, Columbia River Intertribal Fish Commission

This Columbia River Gorge Exploration will focus on tribal fisheries, Columbia River floodplains, small streams and a dam in the lower 30 miles of the Gorge. We will visit waterfalls, pristine streams and beautiful vistas of the Columbia River and have several opportunities for short (0.5mi-1mi) walks. We will tour Bonneville Dam, with its fish viewing windows, and discuss dam impacts on lamprey, sturgeon and salmonid life histories and tribal fisheries. We will hike briefly along pristine Eagle Creek and visit a hatchery at its mouth. We will visit the Bridge of the Gods, site of a landslide that blocked the river in prehistoric times, and an active Indian fishing site. Gorton Creek enters the Columbia River in this area and provides a good example of habitat restoration projects at its mouth. We will travel across the Columbia to see an example of a cluster of lakes in the river floodplain and go to Beacon Rock, to see this landmark noted in Lewis and Clark’s diaries. The viewpoint at the top of this monolith accessed by a spiral staircase. 8:30am-5pm, Maximum number of participants 25. Cost: $50 includes transportation and a box lunch

SOLD OUT Floods, fire and ice that created the Columbia River Gorge, led Steve CarLSon, Portland State University

Come see firsthand how the unique and beautiful landscape of the Columbia River Gorge was formed from a combination of flood basalts, tectonic activity, recent lava flows and catastrophic ice-age floods.  The gorge offers an unusual opportunity to see incredible geomorphic features, a cross section of the Cascade Mountains, and evidence of repeated glacial floods.  Stops along the Columbia will include: Rocky Butte, the mouth of the Sandy River, Crown Point, Latourell falls, Multnomah falls, Oneonta Gorge, Hood River valley and delta and Eliot Creek mudflow, Rowena overlook, Cascade Locks, The Dalles and the Bonneville landslide.  9am-5pm, Max number of participants 20. Cost: $60, includes transportation and a box lunch

SOLD OUT Destruction and Rebirth: Exploring novel landscapes at Mount St. Helens, led by John Bishop, Washington State University

We will visit Mount St. Helens Volcano on the 34th anniversary of the spectacular May 18, 1980 eruption that completely reset this landscape.  Learn about the volcano and the biological, hydrologic, and geologic forces that have shaped the recovery of this incredible ecosystem. We will drive up to the Johnston Ridge Volcano Observatory from the west, stopping to look at disturbance features, newly formed lakes and ponds, and a look straight into the crater, weather permitting. We will also plan for one or two short hikes. 8am-5pm, Maximum number of participants 20, Cost $55 includes transportation and a box lunch – admission to the Monument is free for the anniversary!

SOLD OUT Messages From the Mountain: Reflections on 33 years of Ecosystem Responses following the 1980 Eruption of Mount St. Helens

On May 18, 1980 Mount St. Helens underwent a sensational explosive eruption that dramatically disturbed a 600 km2 area containing diverse forest, meadow, riverine, and lake habitats.  Scientists representing numerous disciplines arrived on the scene within days of the eruption and established a network of studies aimed at understanding initial and long-term responses of the biota and processes to this remarkable event. In the 33 years since the 1980 eruption, Mount St. Helens has become one of the most thoroughly studied large infrequent disturbances in the world.

Field trip participants will travel up the Toutle River, a drainage that was severely altered by the largest debris avalanche in recorded history. Along the way, there will be several stops or short hikes to locations where trip leaders will discuss their research on hydrology and sediment transport, impacts and subsequent colonization and management of fish populations, patterns and rates of plant succession, including the role of invasive species, the invasion and reassembly of amphibian, mammal and arthropod assemblages, and general natural history of the area.  Participants will need to be able hike 2.2 miles on gravel trails that have occasional short steep areas. The trip offers spectacular views of the volcano and close inspection of the unusual hummocky landscape and ponds created during the eruption. Participants will also stop at the Johnson ridge Observatory, where they can purchase books and maps of the area and learn more about Cascade Range volcanic ecosystems.

Depart Portland Convention Center 7am, return 6pm. Maximum number of participants 24. Cost $60 includes transportation and a box lunch.

Mount St Helen’s Field Guild (2.5mb, PDF)

Half day trips:

SOLD OUT Portland Brewery Tour, led by Bob Hall, University of Wyoming

This brewery tour, led by an expert, will introduce participants to 3 Portland breweries and their brewmasters. The breweries will include large operations (Widmer and Deschutes or Bridgetown) as well as small (Cascade or Hair of the Dog).

Tour will last 4 hours and start at 1:00, and participants will travel to other breweries at 2:30, and at 4 pm. Transport will be DIY via public transportation or walking, with a map and how to guide provided. 1pm-5pm, Maximum number of participants 35. Cost: participants will buy their own tastings at each stop.

Please note that the Restoring Crystal Spring Creek and Returning Wetlands to Westmoreland Park, led by Emily Roth, Natural Resource Planner, Portland Parks & Recreation has been cAncelled and replaced by:

SOLD OUT Rock Creek Watershed Field Trip, led by Tracey Dulin, PWS

 Clean Water Services and their partners are currently working on a series of restoration projects with the urban Rock creek watershed.  Participants will see examples of adaptive management strategies used during the initial 5 years of establishment that significantly improve the function of urban stream corridors.  Springville creek enhancement project highlights several experimental treatments on reed canarygrass along with the establishment of diverse emergent and scrub shrub wetlands within the floodplain.  The North Bethany Sanitary Trunkline project highlights the opportunity to strengthen urban wetlands and riparian forest communities along with public infrastructure projects.  Both projects provide several lessons learned when working in urban wetlands and well as opportunities to discuss how we measure ecological function and communicate our successes to the public. 9:30am-2:30pm, includes transportation, and a box lunch.

CANCELLED Marmot Dam Removal Site Field Trip

North Portland Wetland Mitigation Tour

This tour will look at Port of Portland wetland mitigation sites located in North Portland.  We will start at Vanport Wetlands for a bit of birding then head west to see the Rivergate Enhancement Sites adjacent to the Bybee Wetland and the Columbia Slough. The tour will end nicely at Smith & Bybee Wetlands Natural Area where will enjoy our lunch and attendees will have an opportunity to view wildlife and interesting public art features. Depart Portland Convention Center 9am, return 1:30pm. Maximum number of participants 11. Cost $60 includes transportation.

Shorter activities throughout the week include:

A trip on the Willamette River on the Portland Spirit

Participants can experience the Willamette River during a two and half hour lunch or dinner cruise on the Portland Spirit ( A wonderful activity and scenic location for individuals or for large groups for meet.  Please contact the Portland Spirit directly for reservations.

Volcano Lands Nature Tours

Volcano Lands is a local Portland, OR nature tour company owned by Laura McMullen and Ivan Phillipsen, who both have backgrounds in aquatic ecology.  From the weekend before JASM 2014 to the weekend after, Volcano Lands will be offering half-day and full-day nature tours both in and surrounding Portland.  Themes will include birds, waterfalls, coastal tours, and more!  Check out or call 503-610-0571 for more information and to sign up for tours. A JASM meeting discount for full day tours is available - use JASM14 code on the reservation web site.

Pub Crawl (aka "Science Hop")

A chance to relax and mix with other students in a casual setting. (Any non-student attendees also are welcome!)  The Science Hop will be Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights and will highlight sites, as well as tastes, of Portland.  A map with two routes to choose from will be available at the meeting. 

Art Walk

One evening local art galleries will be open focused on a theme of water

And there are lots of options to explore on your own.

Highlights include Portland Art Museum, Japanese Gardens, Chinese Garden, Hoyt Arboretum/Forest Park, Portland Zoo, Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, Vampire Weekend, Portland Underground, Tanner springs, Oregon Coast, Mt Hood National Forest, Mt St Helens Volcano, Columbia River waterfalls, and wineries.

Easy options for Rentals and Activities include: