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Sponsorship Opportunities

Please consider supporting our efforts to sustain water and our wetlands!

Humans rely on water, for our wellbeing, our livelihoods, and our recreation.  With increasing human population and accelerating climate change, social and scientific concerns over sustainable water resources is growing.

Scientists strive to understand how natural biological and chemical processes support the health and integrity of aquatic ecosystems. But to be effective, this knowledge must also be communicated with the public and policy makers.

In response to emerging water-related challenges, a ground-breaking meeting of four leading aquatic science societies will convene in Portland, Oregon, on 18-23 May 2014. The first ever, Joint Aquatic Sciences Meeting (JASM) has the theme “Bridging Genes to Ecosystems: Aquatic Science at a Time of Rapid Change.”

This meeting will foster integrative understanding and collaborations to advance scientific discovery and enhance communication in many interlinked areas: genetic diversity and ecosystem function, understanding landscape connections to aquatic ecosystems, conservation and sustainability of freshwater ecosystems, and communicating science to managers, policy makers, and the public.

The JASM is a collaborative effort of the Society for Freshwater Science, Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography, Phycological Society of America, and Society for Wetland Scientists. Together these organizations represent nearly 10,000 members from 58 countries, dedicated to furthering our understanding of how streams, lakes, estuaries, wetlands, and oceans.

We invite you to partner with our four Societies to reach over 3000 innovative scientist during the Portland meeting.

Opportunities include sponsoring workshops, mixers and promoting services, products and literature at this conference. Specific activities for sponsor’s include:

  • Training for students and post docs
  • Financing travel for scientist from developing countries
  • Underwriting for workshops to enhance science communications skills
  • Supporting outreach activities with the public
  • Funding meeting activities including coffee breaks, socials, plenary speakers travel

We need your support. 

All the organizations are non-profit, scientific associations, and we want to keep the registration fees as low as possible thus allowing the scientific community to bring as many students, post docs, and scientists from developing countries to the meeting.

We are forming partnerships with organizations and invite you to make your commitment to clean water and sustainable ecosystems by supporting our meeting.