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SCI-075 Ecology of Coasts and Estuaries
Convened by: Kathy Boyer (, Steven Morgan, Max Castorani, Violet Renick, Rochelle Seitz, Megan Tyrrell, Christy Tyler, Linda Blum, Lora Harris and Nengwang Chen

This session will include papers on the ecology of estuaries and coastal waters.  This session is focused on the interactions of organisms with their biotic and abiotic environments, and may include studies of population or community dynamics that influence the structure or function of estuarine and coastal ecosystems.

SCI-076 Biogeochemistry of Coasts and Estuaries
Convened by: Alex Parker ( and Serena Moseman Valtierra

Coastal and estuarine ecosystems are highly productive environments that play a central role in elemental cycling at the interface between land and sea.  In many locations globally, biogeochemical processes at these sites have been altered by a broad suite of anthropogenic stressors. This general session will accept submissions focused on benthic or pelagic biogeochemistry in the coastal ocean and estuaries, including research that explores how systems respond to anthropogenic forcing.

SCI-077 Estuarine Restoration
Convened by: John Callaway (, Ken Krauss, Megan La Preye, Mark Hester, Steve Schoeter and Christine Whitcraft

There is a long history of restoration of estuarine habitats, and growing interest in improving the design and management of restoration projects by incorporating enhanced monitoring and more manipulative experiments into restoration efforts.  This general session will focus on the evaluation of habitat restoration in estuaries and coastal waters, including the incorporation of experiments into restoration projects.  Papers can cover work with wetland plant communities, SAV and kelp ecosystems, as well as restoration focused on creating habitat for fish, birds and other animals.

SCI-078 Policy and Management of Coasts and Estuaries
Convened by: Skyli McAfee (

This interdisciplinary session will explore the interplay of science, policy, and management practices related to estuaries and coastal waters. Each of these fields of study, with its own specialized knowledge and culture, is evolving. And each has important implications for the others. For example, how can policy and management make effective use of science? How can research agendas (and scientists) be more responsive to policy and management needs? How do innovative management practices get translated into effective policies? We invite case studies and/or theory that can inform these questions.

SCI-79 Socio-economic Sciences for Coasts and Estuaries
Convened by: David Yoskowitz ( and Cristina Carollo

This session will include papers on the economic and social dimensions of estuarine and coastal waters and the interaction between activities taken in the upland environments, such as development, and the impact on coastal systems. Topics may include human dimensions assessment of coastal communities, evaluation of ecosystem services, cost-benefit analysis of coastal restoration, commercial and recreational fisheries, and others.

SCI-081 San Francisco Bay Upper Estuary
Convened by: Richard Dugdale

This session will include papers on the San Francisco Bay Delta, which is the upper estuary of the larger San Francisco Bay estuarine system. This session will follow SCI-065, which is focused on the mid/lower estuary.