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Coastal and Estuarine Research Federation 20th Biennial ConferenceEstuaries and Coasts in a Changing World1-5 November 2009, Portland, Oregon, USA

CERF 2009 Workshops

A variety of hot topics will make workshops a must-do for CERF 2009. Workshops will be held from 1330-1700 on the Sunday before the conference.

We also will offer a lunch-time surprise during the week for workers and users in the arena of remote sensing of seagrass (David Young at young.david@epamail.epa.gov).

Download the CERF 2009 Workshop FAQ (PDF, 31k) for more information.

Here is what we have in store for everyone else. Contact conveners for more information about specific offerings or Dr. Ruth H. Carmichael, Workshops Chair (rcarmichael@disl.org).  See you in Portland!

Sunday, 1 Nov 2009, 1330 – 1500

A Short Tutorial on Scientific Writing and Publishing (for graduate students and early career scientists)

Conveners: James Cloern (jecloern@usgs.gov)
Location: OCC, B110-112

This workshop will consider attributes of a well-written scientific article (that participants read in advance) as well as practical aspects of publishing (journal selection, cover letters, reviewer comments, managing rejection, and reviewing a manuscript).

Attendees must read the following manuscript prior to the workshop:

Kling et al. 1987. The 1986 Lake Nyos gas disaster in Cameroon, West Africa.  Science. 236: 169-175 (DOI: 10.1126/science.236.4798.169)

RCN Denitrification Workshop: Introduction to and Advancements in MIMS, the N2/Ar Technique and the Isotope Pairing Technique for the Measurement of Denitrification in Estuarine Systems

Convener: Todd Kana (kana@hpl.umces.edu)
Location: OCC, B117-119

This workshop will include presentations by Kana on membrane inlet mass spectrometry, Cornwell on the N2/Ar technique, and Giblin on the isotope pairing technique for measuring denitrification in aquatic systems. Group discussion will follow regarding methods, applications, and advances (http://www.denitrification.org). 

Wireless Datalogger Well Monitoring Networks

Convener:  Jeff Adams (jadams@campbellsci.com)
Location: OCC, B115-116

Adams will set up and demonstrate a wireless network of dataloggers and sensors for monitoring wells typically used in estuarine or coastal systems.  Discussion topics will include hardware design, programming, wiring, installation, software, and data collection.

Sunday, 1 Nov 2009, 1330 – 1700

Integrating Climate Change into Coastal and Estuarine Management, Research
and Decision-making

Conveners: Lara Hansen (lara@ecoadapt.org) and Karsten Shein (Karsten.Shein@noaa.gov)
Location: OCC, B113-114

Several short overview lectures and an intensive NOAA-led exploration of climate data, information, services and tools will orient participants to the state of the science and practice of climate change management.  Participants will consider case studies in breakout groups and reconvene to exchange findings and provide feedback to fulfill emerging data needs.

Sunday, 1 Nov 2009, 1530 – 1700

High resolution spatial sampling of aquatic systems in real time

Convener: Chris Madden (cmadden@sfwmd.gov)
Location: OCC, B110-112

The third in a series of workshops focusing on use of boat-based multi-sensor arrays with high frequency sampling for spatial characterization and mapping of aquatic systems.  This workshop updates the state of the method, geospatial data analysis, synergies with remote sensing, and new research directions.

Advances in Dissolved Oxygen Sensing Put to Work

Convener: Carol Janzen (cjanzen@seabird.com)
Location: OCC, B117-119

Janzen will introduce recent advances in Sea-Bird Electronics SBE 43 dissolved oxygen sensor technology.  Topics will include data accuracy on long-term moorings in high fouling regimes, maximizing field deployment duration, sampling frequency, response time, transit speed, and sensor validation and data processing protocols from case studies.

Additional Workshop Discussions

Mapping Seagrass Distributions Using Remote Sensing
Day: Wednesday, 4 November 2009
Time: 12:00 – 2:00 pm ·
Convener: David Young (Young.David@epamail.epa.gov)
Location: OCC, A105

This workshop session will be an informal gathering of workers and end users in the arena of remote sensing of seagrass distributions with particular focus on eelgrass, the dominant form on the U.S. West Coast.

Summing It Up: Integrating Climate Change into Coastal
and Estuarine Management, Research and Decision-making

Day: Thursday, 5 November 2009
Time: 12:00 – 2:00 pm
Conveners: Lara Hansen (lara@ecoadapt.org) and Karsten Shein (Karsten.Shein@noaa.gov)
Location: OCC, A105

This will be a synthesis from the day-long workshop on Sunday that will incorporate information from sessions during the week.

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