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Coastal and Estuarine Research Federation 20th Biennial ConferenceEstuaries and Coasts in a Changing World1-5 November 2009, Portland, Oregon, USA

Coasts and Estuaries in a Changing World

The Scientific Program committee’s first job was to come up with a theme for the conference.  To accomplish this we started out with a simple theme or idea – Dynamic Scales and Transfers.  This initial theme captured the idea of measuring energy/changes/biology transfers through estuarine/coastal systems, the effects of various drivers at different scales of time and geography, and, possibly, climate change issues.  After some initial discussions, we also invited input from the CERF Governing Board.

It was soon apparent that Dynamic Scales and Transfers was too geeky a theme for an international estuarine conference.  What does this theme really mean anyway?  So, as the e-mails flew, we thought about adding a colon and adding either, “Watching Things Come and Go” or “Measuring Change”.   The first statement sounded like it came from an Otis Redding song, but most of us liked the second idea of “Measuring Change.”  This is what most of us do during our research projects. 

At this point the Governing Board joined the very lively discussion to provide some guidance.  All members liked the idea of incorporating “change” into the theme.  However, Andrea Copping was first to voice the importance of bringing “coastal” into the theme because that is now more explicitly part of our geographic and programmatic domain.  All members agreed that as this will be the first conference since we officially became a “coastal” scientific society, it would be very appropriate to incorporate “coastal” into the theme.  I’m not sure, but I think Ivan Valiela came up with “Coasts and Estuaries in a Changing World”.

This theme captures the important relationships between coastal regions and estuaries over time and spatial scales, and implies on-going change.  Plus we think it is plain-spoken and self-explanatory for our non-scientist partners as well.  Both the Governing Board and the Scientific Program Committee unanimously approved this theme for our 2009 conference. 

Coasts and Estuaries in a Changing World is a very appropriate theme for a conference in the Pacific Northwest where oceanographic conditions, and climate changes strongly affect entire watersheds.  But, happily we think this theme is appropriate everywhere as many of us are researching and observing change in a variety of coastal and estuarine habitats.  We look forward to seeing you share the results of your research on this and other subjects in 2009 in Portland, Oregon.  

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