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Coastal and Estuarine Research Federation 20th Biennial ConferenceEstuaries and Coasts in a Changing World1-5 November 2009, Portland, Oregon, USA

Quick Session List

The scientific sessions for CERF 2009 are organized into major topics with the sessions listed under each topic. The titled sessions were developed from proposals received during the Call for Sessions in 2008. Topic designations should be considered simply as placeholders; we recognize all sessions may not be a perfect fit to the major topic. After the abstract submittal closes, the conveners will further develop and organize these sessions.

We expect additional sessions to arise as a result of abstract submission. If you are interested in a topic but do not believe that you fit into any of the listed sessions, you will be able to select “General” under your major topic of interest during abstract submission. We also welcome abstracts covering topics not captured within our major topics. In such cases, please select the “Other” topic on the abstract form when submitting your abstract.


  • SCI-201: Watershed and Climate Change Effects on Coastal Ecosystems
  • SCI-001: Coastal and Estuarine Tipping Points
  • SCI-064: Ecological Baselines: How has Oregon’s Ocean Changed Over Time?
  • SCI-054: Effects of Variation in Physicochemical Parameters on Biological Productivity
  • SCI-075: Human Impacts on Biogeochemical Processes along the Land-to-Sea Continuum
  • SCI-095: Natural and Anthropogenic Changes in Estuaries: An Historical Perspective
  • SCI-036: Phytoplankton Time Series: Evaluating Environmental Changes and Anthropogenic Impacts


  • SCI-202: Climate Impacts on Coastal Ecosystems: Observations and Predictions
  • SCI-004: Climate Change Adaptation: Research to Inform Managing for Resilience
  • SCI-027: Dynamics of Mangrove-Saltmarsh Ecosystems in the Face of Climate Change
  • SCI-016: Effects of Increased Salinity on Estuarine and Coastal Ecosystems
  • SCI-003: Interactive Effects of Climate Change and Other Stressors on Coastal Ecosystems


  • SCI-035: Ecosystem Engineers in the Coastal and Estuarine Environment
  • SCI-068: The Linkage between Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functions: Regional Perspectives


  • SCI-051: Partnering Scientists and Educators to Increase Coastal and Estuarine Knowledge


  • SCI-205 : Eutrophication: Regional Issues
  • SCI-071: Biological Responses to Nutrient Enrichment in Coastal Receiving Waters
  • SCI-007: Eutrophication and Aquaculture
  • SCI-044: Exploring Impacts of Hypoxia on Coastal Ecosystems
  • SCI-022: Long-term Perturbations in Nutrients and Productivity - Clues to Causal Processes
  • SCI-045: Macroalgae: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
  • SCI-093: Nutrient Budgets and Nutrient Accounting for Coastal Waters


  • SCI-206: Fish and Fisheries (Poster Only)
  • SCI-029: Dredging and Construction Impacts on Critical Life Stages of Fish
  • SCI-102: Ecology of Salmon in Changing Coastal Waters
  • SCI-058: Forage Fish in a Changing Climate
  • SCI-011: Linking Land-use, Environmental Gradients and Anadromous Fish Behavior
  • SCI-005: Salmon Response to Natural and Anthropogenic Changes in North Pacific Estuaries
  • SCI-086: Commercially Important Decapods


  • SCI-020: Ecosystem Services and Human Well Being: Theoretical and Practical Challenges
  • SCI-069: Forecasting Ecosystem Services from Function and Condition Assessments
  • SCI-083: Linking Sea and Society: Long-term Perspectives on Coastal Environmental Change
  • SCI-087: Oceans and Human Health
  • SCI-062: Science Supporting an Ecosystem Approach to Management: Social-Ecological Linkages


  • SCI-208: Invasive Plant Biology
  • SCI-012: Ballast Water – Research and Management in Coastal Waters
  • SCI-217: Ecology of Marine Invasives
  • SCI-218: Invasive Fish Biology


  • SCI-209: Novel Approaches to Coastal Management
  • SCI-024: Adaptive Management and System-wide Monitoring in Restoration Programs
  • SCI-099: Ecological Forecasting: Moving from Research to Management Use
  • SCI-059: Ecosystem Based Management in Practice: Coastal Case Studies
  • SCI-067: Innovative Monitoring Methods for Estuarine Resource Management and Habitat Restoration
  • SCI-063: Managing Tradeoffs among Coastal Ecosystem Services
  • SCI-010: Quantifying Management Solutions for Coastal Ecosystems
  • SCI-033: The Ecology of Marine Reserves: Acknowledging the Land-Sea Connection


  • SCI-210: Ecology of Coastal Marshes
  • SCI-048: Anthropogenic Impacts on the Health and Survival of Tidal Wetlands
  • SCI-080: Geographic Variability in the Nursery Function of Coastal Salt Marshes
  • SCI-039: Response of Wetlands to Rising Sea Level: Past, Present and Future
  • SCI-094: Tidal Freshwater Marshes: Impacts and Response to a Changing Environment


  • SCI-065: Application of Stable Isotopes to Coastal and Estuarine Ecosystems
  • SCI-074: Applications of Landscape Ecology to Estuarine and Coastal Environments
  • SCI-078: Applying Innovative Land Use Technology in Coastal Communities
  • SCI-019: Decision-Support Tools for Nutrient Management
  • SCI-400: Maximizing Your Data: What can Informatics do for you? (co-sponsored by the Salmon Data Access Working Group)


  • SCI-212: Detecting Change with Estuarine Monitoring
  • SCI-076: Assessing Ecological Integrity Using Multiple Indices and Ecosystem Components: The Sequel
  • SCI-091: Applications, Challenges and Evolution of Moored Coastal/Estuarine Observing Systems
  • SCI-014: Coastal and Estuarine Biomonitoring: Which data do we really need?
  • SCI-098: Estuarine and Marine Animal Health in a Rapidly Changing World
  • SCI-084: Geospatial Infrastructure and Tools for Monitoring Coastal Environmental Change
  • SCI-103: Shifting Baselines: Environmental Sentinels of Changing Coastal Conditions


  • SCI-213: Physical Modeling of Coastal Systems (Poster Only)
  • SCI-018: Estuarine Sedimentary Processes and Products
  • SCI-021: Exploring the Linkages between Nearshore Oceanography and Onshore Benthic Environments
  • SCI-070: Hydrologic Prediction in Estuaries and Coastal Ecosystems
  • SCI-031: Parameterizing Estuarine Variability
  • SCI-056: Physical, Biological and Chemical Interactions of Estuaries, Bays and Shelves
  • SCI-090: Poorly Understood Physical Processes in Estuaries and Coasts
  • SCI-049: Significance of River-Ocean Coherence for Fluxes and Fate of Terrestrial Material
  • SCI-040: The Response of Deltas and Coastal Wetlands to Global Change
  • SCI-038: The Skagit Delta: Integrating Estuarine Geomorphology, Hydrodynamics and Ecology
  • SCI-104: Turbulence and Mixing in Estuaries and the Coastal Ocean


  • SCI-214: Pollutants: Processes Affecting Concentrations
  • SCI-053: Fate and Effects of Modern Pesticides in Coastal Estuaries


  • SCI-215: San Francisco Bay Restoration
  • SCI-013: Emerging Science and Restoration Practices in Pacific Northwest Estuaries
  • SCI-081: Large-scale Estuarine and Coastal Restoration: Integrating science and management
  • SCI-046: Restoration of Eutrophic Coastal Ecosystems: Examples and Synthesis
  • SCI-101: Sea Grant Focus on Healthy Coastal Ecosystems: Restoration
  • SCI-219: Wetland Restoration


  • SCI-055: Arid and Seasonally Arid Estuaries
  • SCI-023: Ecology of Estuarine Bivalves: Merging Science with Mariculture and Restoration
  • SCI-017: Jellyfish Blooms in Changing Coastal and Estuarine Ecosystems
  • SCI-085: Larval Dispersal, Transport and Recruitment
  • SCI-042: Long-term Trends in Marine Birds in Relation to Environmental Change
  • SCI-015: Microbes: A Synthesis of Diversity, Gene Expression and Ecological Function
  • SCI-061: Sandy Beaches and their Surf-zones: Marine Deserts or Coastal Oases (Poster Only)
  • SCI-030 is now sessions SCI-105, SCI-106, SCI-107 and SCI-108:
  • SCI-105: Seagrass Assessment: Think globally, monitor locally
  • SCI-106: Seagrass Ecological Health: Diagnosing the canary
  • SCI-107: Seagrass Management and Policy: Proactive sustainability
  • SCI-108: Seagrass Physiological Stress: In sickness and in health
  • SCI-072: Shallow Photic Systems in a Changing World: Geographical variability
  • SCI-002: Shallow Photic Systems in a Changing World: Vulnerability and resilience to disturbance
  • SCI-057: Synthesis of Estuarine Shallow Water Research, Modeling and Monitoring
  • SCI-050: The Role of Sediments in Seagrass Ecology, Management and Restoration
  • SCI-028: Urbanized Tidal Rivers in a Changing World
  • SCI-047: Zooplankton Dynamics in Estuarine and Coastal Systems


  • SCI-401 Electronic Posters Session One
  • SCI-402 Electronic Posters Session Two

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