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RIOS-TOUMA, B. ., Departament d'Ecologia - Universitat de Barcelona/ Lab. Ecología Acuática U. San Francisco de Quito, Barcelona- Spain/Quito, Ecuador, brios@ub.edu
Encalada, A. C., Laboratorio de Ecología Acuática - Unviersidad San Francisco de Quito, Quito, Ecuador, aencalada@usfq.edu.ec
Gonzalez, F. ., Laboratorio de Ecología Acuática - Unviersidad San Francisco de Quito, Quito, Ecuador, fernany83@hotmail.com
Prat, N. ., Departament d'Ecologia - Universitat de Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain, nprat@ub.edu


During 2009, at a monthly basis, we followed the composition and size distribution of the macroinvertebrate community of a small high-altitude tropical stream (Saltana creek) at the Ecuadorian Andes. We found that most taxa (e.g Andesiops,Ochrotrichia, Orthocladiinae) were present throughout the year and every month we found most instars. Several taxa (e.g Varipes, Neoelmis) are rare and only appear in a certain times of the year, and we were able to detect only small instars (e.g. Varipes). Density was related to flow, being higher at low flow months. Also size distribution of certain dominant groups changed at different flow conditions (e.g. Andesiops presented developed individuals only at low flow periods). At high flow conditions development and emergence were delayed for some species(e.g. Andesiops). Our results suggest that most species are multivoltine, except for the less abundant ones that were found in specific times of the year. In high altitude tropical streams, as temperature does not change throughout the year, hydrology might be critical parameter to understand patterns of species phenology and life-history traits of different species.

Session #:T19
Date: 06-10-10
Time: 16:15

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