Bogden, P. S., SURA/GoMOOS, Portland, USA,
Crane, G. ., SURA, Washington DC, USA,
Bintz, J. ., SURA, Washington DC, USA,
Wright, L. D., SURA, Washington DC, USA,


The SURA Coastal Ocean Observing and Prediction (SCOOP) Program, an initiative of SURA’s Coastal Research Committee, has prototyped information technology (IT) to enable a new way to do science. The system supports ensemble forecasting, data analysis and visualization of coastal inundation. The “service-oriented approach” involves modularizing components, standardizing interfaces, and interconnecting components in multiple ways to support multiple applications. Initiatives using this approach (e.g., the EPA Exchange Network, IOOS, and GEOSS) can readily plug in as either providers or users. For data integration, SCOOP partners have been advancing standards from the Open Geospatial Consortium. The real-time data framework includes Open Source software implementations (, and partners from the Marine Metadata Interoperability project. The prediction system has various portal interfaces ( Computing resources and data archives at multiple universities power the system (e.g., Eventually, these will all be available to “virtual visiting” scientists, who log in to utilize the resources, perform their experiments (e.g., evaluate new wetting/drying algorithms in several different inundation models), potentially contribute to the assembly of resources (e.g., leave their algorithms), and then move on.

Oral presentation

Presentation is given by student: No
Session #:100
Date: 03-05-2008
Time: 16:15

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