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Presenters Notified: November 2012

Program Schedule Posted:November 2012

Abstracts Available: January 2013

17-22 February 2013

Kindinger, J. L., U.S. Geological Survey, USA, jkindinger@usgs.gov
Lee, D. M., Louisiana Coastal and Protection and Restoration Authority, USA, Darin.Lee@LA.GOV
Kulp, M. A., University of New Orleans, USA, mkulp@uno.edu
Khalil, S. M., Louisiana Coastal and Protection and Restoration Authority, USA, Syed.Khalil@LA.Gov
Buster, N. A., U.S. Geological Survey, USA, nbuster@usgs.gov
Flocks, J. G., U.S. Geological Survey, USA, jflocks@usgs.gov
Bernier, J. C., U.S. Geological Survey, USA, jbernier@usgs.gov
Raynie, R., Louisiana Coastal and Protection and Restoration Authority, USA, Richard.Raynie@LA.GOV


The Barrier Island Comprehensive Monitoring (BICM) program was initiated by the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources, in collaboration with other state and federal agencies, to complement Louisiana coast-wide monitoring programs such as the Coastwide Reference Monitoring System (CRMS). The goal of BICM is to provide long-term data on barrier islands and sandy shorelines extending from the Chandeleur Islands west to the Chenier Plain of Louisiana. These data will be used to plan, design, evaluate, and maintain current and future barrier-island coastal-management projects. The BICM program used both historical and newly acquired (2006 to 2010) data to assess and monitor coastal change in the aerial and subaqueous extent along the Louisiana shoreline. BICM data sets include oblique aerial still and video photography (multiple time series), lidar elevation surveys, single-beam and swath bathymetry, and sediment grab samples. Products using BICM data and analyses included (but were not limited to): storm-impact assessments, rates of shoreline and bathymetric change, shoreline- and nearshore-erosion and accretion maps, high-resolution elevation maps, coastal-shoreline and barrier-island habitat-classification maps, and coastal surficial-sediment maps.

Oral presentation

Session #:SS25
Date: 2/22/2013
Time: 11:30