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Obtaining as much information as possible is critical for a good indication of whether blooms might develop. Turner Designs is introducing 2 products focused on predicting HAB formations.

CyanoFluor Handheld HAB Monitor quickly provides PC to Chl ratio indicating cyanobacterial portion of total phytoplankton population. Monitoring this ratio identifies whether environmental conditions are changing, favoring cyanobacterial production, which may lead to blooms with potential to be harmful. Such monitoring could alert users to onset of blooms so proper protocols could be implemented to prevent or reduce harmful bloom effects. CyanoFluor provides raw fluorescence readings and PC to Chl ratios so users can easily track algal abundances and report µg/L chlorophyll estimates.

PhytoFind is an in situ instrument to monitor changes in phytoplankton communities or profile through the water column to determine phytoplankton distribution and composition over depth. Bulk fluorescence is detected using multiple sensors, each with a specific optical configuration. Deconvolution algorithms calculate algal group percent for 3 algal groups: Cyanobacteria (prokaryotes), Mixed (PE-containing algae), and Green-Brown (all other algae). Optics and electronics are optimized for percentage calculations, minimization of turbidity effects, and CDOM interference rejection. PhytoFind aids monitoring efforts by providing real-time data to help predict onset of potentially harmful algal blooms caused by cyanobacteria.

Data from beta tests will be presented for both instruments.


Younan, L., Turner Designs, USA,


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Date: 03/01/2017
Time: 10:15
Location: 323 B

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