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Shuttle Service from Malaga and Granada Airports

ASLO 2015 has made arrangements with a transportation company to provide a shuttle service from the Malaga and Granada airports to your hotels. This service will complement the regular public bus services.  The prices for the transit from Malaga airport to Granada city are 15€ or 18 € depending on the bus size. The prices for the transit from Granada airport to Granada city are 10€ or 13€ depending on the bus size.  

To make a reservation, you must complete the questionnaire included in the link provided before February 15th.  Advance reservations are required so that the company can optimize the number of transits and the bus sizes.

Please note that this shuttle service will not be able to drop off passengers at hotels in the Albaycin neighborhood due to restrictions on bus sizes on very narrow streets. If you still prefer to take this shuttle, however, the buses will leave passengers at a nearby taxi stand. You will need to take a taxi from the stand to your hotel.  Most hotels are not located in Albaycin.

Shuttle schedule information for the arrivals to both airports (PDF)