Sponsors, Organizers & Exhibitors


An exhibit area will be set up at the meeting.  Both commercial and non-profit exhibitors are encouraged to participate.  Specific details can be obtained from: lesl@sgmeet.com.  An online exhibit form located on the conference web site should be used to sign up to exhibit at this meeting.

The costs for exhibit stands are as follows:

  • Commercial (For-profit): $2,000.00 USD
  • Non-profit and government agencies: $1,500.00 USD

If exhibiting company representatives plan to participate in or attend the sessions, they must register for the meeting.

Also, several opportunities are available for sponsorship of various breaks, receptions, and other functions throughout the meeting, please contact the Exhibits/Sponsorship Coordinator at the ASLO Business Office, +1 800-929-ASLO or +1 254-399-9635 Telephone or lesl@sgmeet.com E-mail if you would like more information.

Important Information for ASLO Aquatic Sciences Meeting Exhibitors

The official name of the meeting venue is: Palacio de Exposiciones y Contresos de Granada S.A.
The address is: Paseo del Violόn  s/n 18006 Granada, Spain.

It is important to know that the meeting venue is different than those in the United States. Following is basic overall information which is provided by ASLO’s appointed Customs Broker, Merkur Expo Logistics GmbH (Merkur) andincluded for your information. We suggest that you confirm this at the time you submit your order to the Congress Centre.

Most of the congress centers in Europe do not provide any kind of logistical support and are placed in historical city area´s which are restricted for trucks and have only very limited delivery space. This is the case in Granada. There is only one day for build-up and break-down of the exhibit stands.

Please note that construction of the exhibit stands, which are used in place of pipe & drape booths, plus all stand furnishings are provided by the “Congress Centre” and not a Decorator as is the case in the U.S.) Separate documents will be sent to exhibitors for ordering after they have signed up for the ASLO Meeting.

In Merkur’s experience, everyone wants to be first in and first out. They come with their own car and receive deliveries from courier companies who honestly don´t care if they jam the entrance while they search for someone to turn over their shipment. This must be coordinated as there is only one entrance and very limited parking at the Granada Congress Centre.

Courier services in general are cheap and an easy way to get something from a to b but in Merkur’s experience many shipments do not make it to their destination and get stuck at UPS / FedEx customs with no one to process them. Most of the shippers try to send goods to the Congress Center which cannot provide any customs related support. In addition, most courier companies in southern Europe cannot provide that on-time service that they provide in the U.S.

The above noted problems can be avoided by using Merkur’s services utilizing an advanced shipment warehouse plus sufficient time for them to complete the necessary tasks which include scheduling on-site delivery. The steps that Merkur have developed include sending your materials to their advanced warehouse in Germany from which they then forward them on to Granada. This reduces the possibility for Customs problems.

Here are a few particulars to help in your planning:

Merkur’s Office Hours in Germany:
08.00 -17.00, local time
Contact: Gernot Iven, Phone: + 49 6173 966 95 10
Email @ gernot.iven@merkur-expo.com

Please read and follow Merkur’s Shipping Manual (PDF).

You will need the information in this manual after you have signed up as an exhibitor and received confirmation.

It is important to contact Merkur to get an invoice (suitable for the customs clearance in Germany) prior to making your shipment. You will get back the invoice on the same day you send them the content information.

The latest date for your materials to arrive at Merkur’s Advanced Warehouse in Germany is 13 February 2015.